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Multilayer Capacitor 100nF 50V


Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor CT4-0805Y104M500CT4-0805Y104M500 100nF/50V 20% Multilayer Ceramic Cap..

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  • Brand: ATC
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Storage Code: E4401FD31G03

Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor

CT4-0805Y104M500 100nF/50V 20% Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor

Multilayer metallised polyester film capacitors that are epoxy resin sealed in a flame-retardant thermoplastic case.
These low-cost capacitors have a high CV to volume ratio and are highly reliable and stable over a very wide temperature range (-5 C to +100 C). The capacitors are non-inductive with a standard 5mm lead spacing and are primarily intended for PCB mounting.

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