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GSC-F2448-50A Solar Charge Controller 12V/24V 48V 50A


Application:Solar System Controller, Lighting Controller, Voltage ControllerGSC 12V 24V 48V SeriesP..

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  • Brand: ATC
  • Product Code:25019104
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Storage Code: X0204

Application:Solar System Controller, Lighting Controller, Voltage Controller
GSC 12V 24V 48V Series
Product Series GSC-F2448
BatteryVoltage 12V; 24V; 48V;
12V/24V /48V Automatic Identification;
Max. Efficiency > 98%
Own Power Consumption < 30mA
Rated Charging Current 50A
Rated Load Current 50A
Voltage Drop of Charge Circuit < 0.40V
Voltage Drop of Load Circuit < 0.35V
Equalization Charge Voltage 14.6V/29.2V/58.4V
(Used only when battery is deep discharged)
Buck Charge Voltage 14.2V/28.4V/56.8V
Float Charge Voltage 13.6V/27.2V/54.4V
Undervoltage 11.5V/23.0V/46.0V
Deep Discharge
(SOC/LVD) <30%
( 11.0V/22.0V/44.0V)
Temperature Compensation -3mv/C/2V
Control Mode PWM
Permitted Operation
TemperatureRange -20C ~ +55C
Dimensions L x B x H 164×168×55 mm

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