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GSC-F1224-30A Solar Charge Controller 12V/24V 30A


GSC-F1224-30M LCD - Solar Charge Controller 12/24V 30ASolar charge controller is a highly intellige..

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Storage Code: FBX0204B04

GSC-F1224-30M LCD - Solar Charge Controller 12/24V 30A
Solar charge controller is a highly intelligent charge controller with Maximum Power Point Tracking(MPPT), which can charge 12V/24V/48V batteries with battery voltage level automatic identification. Advanced professional MPPT control algorithm is applied to achieve the optimal and intelligent “MPPT + SOC” charge control. It is especially designed to be low own power consumption by applying advanced low-power, high-performance microcontroller, PWM charging mode and other dedicated hardware circuits. The controller is robust, maintenance-free and user-friendly with the reverse polarity protection, lightning protection, electronic fuse and automatic detection of faulty battery.

Maximum Power Point Tracking of photovoltaic(PV) module
Hybrid controller, MPPT+SOC double intelligent control
12V/24V/48V batteries voltage automatic identification
Low-loss MOSFET type transistors in parallel
Soft switching technology and synchronous rectification technology are applied
Multistage charging technology
PWM control
Load disconnection depending on SOC
Temperature compensation
Electronic protection functions
Overcharge protection
Deep discharge protection
Short circuit protection of load and PV module
Overtemperature and overload protection
Reverse current protection at night
Reverse polarity protection of battery, load and PV module
Multi-coloured LEDs indicate operating states
Real-time calendar display
LCD indicates real-time data
Operation by the control buttons
Manual load switch
Manufactured according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001
Compliant with European Standards (CE)
RoHS compliant

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