Last Update : 12/03/2020

MOTOR FILTER FN5100-6-45 3X480V 6A


NOSHIELDInput and output combi filter• Long cable feeds up to 600m• Multiple motors running in par..

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Storage Code: X0205F04

Input and output combi filter

• Long cable feeds up to 600m
• Multiple motors running in parallel
• Retrofit of drives in installations using unshielded cables
• Increased lifespan of motors
• für lange Motorkabel bis 600m
• Parallelschaltung mehrerer Motoren an einem Umrichter
• Nachrüstung geregelter Antriebe in vorhandenen ungeschirmten
• Erhِhung der Lebensdauer von Motoren
• Grandes longueurs de câbles d’alimentation (jusquiame 600 m)
• Fonctionnement de plusieurs moteurs en parallèle
• Mise à niveau de variateurs dans des installations avec câbles non blindés
• Augmentation de la durée de vie des moteurs

Technical specifications
Max. operating voltage UN 3 x 480/275 VAC
Overload 1,4 x IN for 1 min. every 15 min.
Derating for Tamb>50°C: IN(T) = IN @ 50°Cv((100 -T) / 50)
Switching frequency fmin = 3kHz to fmax = 16 kHz
Motor frequency 0 to 100Hz (higher frequencies after consultation)
dv/dt limitation typical ~ factor 6
Max. overshoot typical 1300V
Test voltage (input section) L ? PE 2700 VDC 2s
L ? L 2100 VDC 2s
Test voltage (output section) U,V,W ? PE 2000 VAC 2s
U?V, V?W, W?U 1500 VAC 2s
Temperature range -25°C to +100°C
Climatic class per IEC 68 25/100/21
Flammability minimum UL 94V2
Electrical connections touch-safe terminals
Max. cable length 600 m unshielded @ 6kHz switching frequency
200 m shielded @ 6kHz switching frequency

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