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DSO4102C Hantek 100MHZ Oscilloscope 2CHs With 1CH Arbitrary/Function Waveform Generator


Product features100MHz Bandwidth; 1GSa/s Sample Rate2 Channel Oscilloscope; 40K Record Length;7 inc..

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Product features
100MHz Bandwidth; 1GSa/s Sample Rate
2 Channel Oscilloscope; 40K Record Length;
7 inch 64K color LCD display, Resolution 800x480;
32 kinds of Automotive measurement, with FFT function;
25MHz Arbitrary waveform output (Sine wave up to 75MHz);
Product description
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General Introduction for DSO4000C series:
2 Channel Digital Oscilloscope.1 Channel Arbitrary/Function Waveform Generator. The Keys for osilloscope and waveform generator is seperated for convenient to operate it simultaneously. Oscilloscope:200/100/70MHz Bandwidth, 1GSa/s Sample Rate.25MHz Arbitrary waveform generator, 12 bits resolution,200MHz DDS,7 inch 64K color LCD display, Resolution 800x480.


*Sample Rate:Sampling Rate Range:1GSa/s;Equivalent Sample Rate:25GSa/s

2.Acquisition Modes
*Normal:Normal data only
*Peak Detect:High-frequency and randon glith capture
*Average:Wavefom Average, selectable 4,8,16,32,64,128

*Sample Rate Range:1GS/s
*Waveform Interpolation:(sin x)/x
*Record Length:40K
*SEC/DIV Range:4ns/div to 40s/div

4. Vertical
*Vertical Resolution:8-bit resolution,all channel sampled simultaneously
*Rise Time at BNC(typical):3.5ns

5.Trigger System
*Trigger Types:Edge,Video,Pulse,Slope,Over time, Alternative
*Trigger Source:CH1,CH2,EXT,EXT/5,AC Line
*Trigger Modes:Auto, Normal, Single

6.Signal Source Mode
*Waveform Impedance:DC-25MHz
*Sample Rate:200MHzDDS
*Output Waveform:Arbitrary wave/square wave/sine wave/triangle wave/trapezoidal wave/pulse wave/DC
*Frequency Resolution:0.1%
*Waveform Depth:4KSa
*Frequency Stability:<30ppm

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