Explain parts Detective
Detective consists of the following parts:
· Feeder.
· Programmed: works via the USB port, and can be used for programmable controllers outside the laboratory via the link ICSP
· Base controller: compatible with all controllers PIC with canning DIP-40, Kalmtgman PIC16F877A, PIC18F452, pay attention to the direction of the base so that the direction of the arrow with the direction of the controlled match, and the characteristic point with the circle drawn on the plate.
· LCD screen LCD: connected to the gate PORTB 4-bit pattern according to the following:
o RS --- RB5
o E --- RB4
o D4 --- RB3
o D5 --- RB2
o D6 --- RB1
o D7 --- RB0
· Unit show Seven-Segment: composed of four boxes, from Common Anode type, the box do apply (logical 1) the elevator on the opposite her (A1 ... A4), and the pieces are distributed as follows:
o upper point: the runway: S3, the elevator A2
o lower point: the runway: S3, the elevator A3
o The time: the runway S2, the elevator A4
o REC: cathode S2, the elevator A2
o AM: cathode S3, the elevator A1
o VCR: cathode S3, A4 elevator

· Real time clock: Integrated circuit (DS1307), which provides real time totalizer and data is accessed through the inside passage I2C, and is equipped with a battery to maintain the continued operation during power outages.
· Four Hawwakm (Relay): is activated each application (logical 1) on the other hand, her entrance, you can download all the leadership of Governor stream 1A max.
· Serial port RS-232: used to connect with the computer or another kid with a microcontroller, and is not connected directly with the controller.
· Entrances analog
·: PORTA connected to the gate according to the following:
o POT1 --- RA0
o POT2 --- RA1
A place to put LM35 temperature sensor and can be connected to a wire above the gates after separation put the keys on the OFF position
· Light-emitting diode: A device attached to the gate PORTC and effective when the value (logical 1).
· Keys to enter: PORTD are connected to the gate and effective when the value (logical 0).
· Disconnect switch and programmed arrived: It must be the situation when you use a programmed ON, OFF and the situation when using the poles RB7, RB6 as entrances or exits.
· Separate keys and arrived controller for peripheral devices portals: You must be the situation ON when using Mahattiyat (keys, LCD display, diodes, entrances representative ..) the default style any as described on this page, and placed the situation OFF to separate poles of the controlled devices associated with them.
· Key reset controller.
· Crystal vibrators.

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