HXAD long strip six

Performance parameters
1. Interface features: Interface compatible with EIA/TIA RS-232C, RS
-485/RS-422 standard.
2. Electrical interface: DB9 hole connector on RS-232 side, RS-485
/422 DB9 pin connector with terminal block.
3, working mode: asynchronous full-duplex, half-duplex differential transmission automatic selection,
No jumper settings are required.
4. Transmission medium: twisted pair or shielded cable.
5. Transmission rate: 300-115.2KBS.
6. Dimensions: 60mmX35mmX18mm.
7. Use environment: -25 ° C to 70 ° C, relative humidity of 5% to 95%.
8. Transmission distance: 1,200 meters (RS-485 end) 5 meters (RS-232 end)
Hardware installation and application:
   The shape of this product adopts DB-9/DB-9 universal adapter plug, output connection
The port is equipped with a common terminal, which can be twisted or shielded, connected and disassembled.
Very convenient. Wiring principle "fat +" to pick up the other party s "fat +", "receive -"
The other party s "fat-". RS/485 half-duplex mode wiring T/R+ to each other
A+, T/R- connects to the other party s B-. RS/422 full-duplex mode wiring T/R+
(Send +) pick up the other party s RXD+ (receive +), T/R- (send -) pick up the other party s RXD-
(Receive -), RXD + (receive +) to the other party s TXD + (fat +), RXD- (receive -)
Pick up the other party s TXD-(fat-).
The interface converter supports the following four communication methods:
1. Point-to-point/four-line full-duplex;
2. Point-to-multipoint/four-wire full-duplex;
3. Point-to-point/two-line half-duplex;
4. Point-to-multipoint/two-line half-duplex.

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