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SMD ACS108-6SN AC Switch SOT-223


IC AC SWITCH 0.8A 600V SOT-223DescriptionThe ACS108 belongs to the AC switch range (built with A. S..

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IC AC SWITCH 0.8A 600V SOT-223

DescriptionThe ACS108 belongs to the AC switch range (built with A. S. D.®technology). This high performance switch can control a load of up to 0.8 A. The ACS108 switch includes an overvoltage crowbar structure to absorb the inductive turn-off energy, and a gate level shifter driver to separate the digital controller from the main switch. It is triggered with a negative gate current flowing out of the gate pin

Features?Enables equipment to meet IEC 61000-4-5 surge with overvoltage crowbar technology?High noise immunity against static dV/dt and IEC 61000-4-4 burst?Needs no external protection snubber or varistor?Reduces component count by up to 80% and Interfaces directly with the micro-controller?Common package tab connection supports connection of several alternating current switches on the same cooling pad?VCLgives headroom before clamping then crowbar action

Applications?Alternating current on/off static switching in appliances and industrial control systems?Driving low power high inductive or resistive loads like:– relay, valve, solenoid, dispenser,– pump, fan, low power motor, door lock–lamp

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